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True Gems, True Testimonials


Tobias Khoo

Raffles Institution

H2 Physics: Grade A


H2 Math: Grade A 


No lesson time is wasted with Clarence, as he is able to consolidate key concepts and ideas of any topic quickly upon demand! The toughest problems you throw at him is unraveled within seconds -- often even before he is done reading the question! 

As for key to securing an A, Clarence advocates students to learn by understanding, instead of rote learning or 'studying blindly'. 

It has changed my whole perspective of JC education. 

While still indulging in my favorite games, manga, gym and sports, I went from S & E grades for H2 Math and H2 Physics common tests and promotional exams in Year 5, to double Aces in both subjects at 'A' level exams. 

I guess, that says it all. 


Ryan Seow

Hwa Chong Institution


H2 Math: Grade A


SAT Math: 800/800 

Ryan Seow - SAT Math 800.png

Clarence has a vast and complete understanding of all H2 Mathematics material and more. But what differentiates him from the rest of the tutors I had, is that he is able to explain the most difficult of concepts extremely simply. He drew simple diagrams, used simple words, and even the hardest and most intimidating problems unweaved before me into their basic concepts in a matter of minutes.


He is a genius at teaching. His amazing abilities, coupled with his friendly personality and extensive notes, made H2 Mathematics easy and actually enjoyable. 

Under his expert tutelage I found myself not just memorizing. I was learning. I couldn't recommend him enough.


Venkatesh Babu Dakshitaa

Temasek JC


H2 Math: Grade A

H2 Math Prelim: 87.5%

Top 8 Students in TJC (Holistic Achiever Award)


Thank you for the most comprehensive set of notes and practices! Your lessons have always been enlightening from Day 1 (the trial)! I really enjoyed the lessons with you and thank you for always replying my 1 million questions promptly and building me up from zero. I hope I can make you proud tomorrow! Hope you make magic in the lives of many more students like me in years to come :) 

Lessons at G.e.M.S focus on building the foundation Math knowledge in-depth.

It has helped me understand and appreciate Math a lot more. Clarence is very good at analysing our strengths and weaknesses, so lessons are targeted to our needs. Indeed it has helped me a lot, especially in realizing my capabilities when I used to think Math wasn't for me. I'd definitely recommend Clarence to everyone!


Natalie Ng

Raffles Institution


H2 Maths: Grade A 

H2 Physics: Grade B

Testimonial- Natalie Ng RI H2 math phy.p

Mr Clarence! Want to thank you for your help :)  Started tuition late but I really gained so much from you! 

Thanks for being so patient, resourceful, funny and everything! Going to miss all the banter, and I guess Math & Physics because you made it so much better! :) 

Thank you for your constant guidance and patience for the past month!

Really wished I started tuition with you earlier to have a more solid foundation, because you really know the method to ace A's ;) But I will use the remaining time I have to propel myself forward & not give up! You really are a dedicated teacher and I do enjoy all your lessons :) Thanks for everything! 


Sim Theen Cheng

Hwa Chong Institution


H2 Math: Grade A 

Testimonial-Clarence-Theen Cheng HCI.png

Before I engaged Clarence as my tutor, I faced difficulties keeping up with syllabus and the pace of teaching in school. I was extremely unclear of the concepts. I consistently obtained only D grades for my Math exams. However, with Clarence’s patient guidance, it was much easier to visualise difficult topics like Vectors and I improved at a tremendous pace.


Clarence’s teaching style worked very well for me, because he customised lesson to our needs and pace. He categorised questions according to question types and difficulty. This made it much easier to recognise the common question styles when they appeared in our examinations and tests. He is able to teach a brand new topic within at most 2 lessons by giving us his own personal handouts and worksheets and gives us a very clear concept check of the things to take note for every chapter of the syllabus.


He is extremely knowledgable in the current updated syllabus and exposes us to the new question types that are more about application, giving us more than sufficient practice to prepare us for the A levels. Clarence is able to respond immediately due to his expertise and solve our questions on the spot, making things much more efficient and convenient for us to clear our misconceptions and mistakes.


Clarence is easy going and patient, he has never once been frustrated during class even during the times when we were unable to process quick enough what he says.


Classes with Clarence were extremely enjoyable and I often looked forward to them as he had the ability to engage us in Math and joke around appropriately, making time past fast yet meaningfully. He is a very dedicated teacher, who ensures that we are clear of the lesson’s main teaching points before he ends class. He also makes himself contactable on WhatsApp so that we can clear questions with him through that platform. His strengths in teaching Math include focusing in on the main learning objectives of this topic, the fundamentals, before moving on the common/ difficult question types, and then to application questions, before going through a full concept check with us again. Hence, this made learning Math much more organised and structured so I could have a better picture of the syllabus in every aspect.


With Clarence’s help and guidance, I obtained an A grade for H2 Math in the 'A' levels. Thanks Clarence!

Natasha Tang-RI-Physics(2).gif

Natasha Tang

Raffles Institution


H2 Physics: Grade A 

Natasha Tang-RI-A H2Phy Testimonial (1).
Natasha Tang-RI-A H2Phy Testimonial (3).
Natasha Tang-RI-A H2Phy Testimonial (5).
Clarence-Teachers Day Card Fr Natasha-20

Clarence is genuinely the best tutor that I have ever had for Physics. He is always so patient in explaining Physics problems to me regardless of how long I take to understand them, with his main priority being that I can eventually grasp the concept.


As he is very approachable, I never hesitate to clarify my doubts about Physics which really facilitates my learning. Clarence makes Physics an enjoyable subject, and he helped me gain confidence in it despite my initial fear of the subject.


Despite his many accolades, Clarence is really very humble and modest and always seeks his best to improve his teaching for his students.


Most importantly, he caters to the individual needs of his students such that our learning becomes personalized. At the same time, Clarence also helps analyse his students' weaknesses so that we are able to work on these areas for improvement in our grades.


His warm teaching style coupled with his natural aptitude in Physics really makes him the best tutor ever, especially since he is always willing to give his best for his students.


Under his guidance, I eventually achieved an A for Physics in the A level examinations! I would definitely recommend Clarence to anyone who requires help in Physics as he can help them achieve a significant jump in grades and also enable them to enjoy the learning process.


Once again, thank you so much Clarence!


Calvin Leong

Tampines Meridian JC


H2 Physics: Grade A 

H2 Math: Grade A


Mr Lee is able to explain Physics concepts and satisfy my curiosity in deeper Physics theories the way my school teacher couldn't.  

With an amazing IQ and scientific knowledge, Clarence often stuns the class with light-speed mathematical calculations during Math lessons and enlightens us with the truth about the science going on around in the real world during his Physics lessons. 

It's a joyful learning experience to sit in his classes for hours on end. 

Clarence provides detailed Physics and Math summaries for all the topics, and tries his best to cater to the learning needs of the students in the class despite their diverse learning abilities. 

His lessons are also very value-for-money, as he often extends lesson time (sometimes by as much as 2 hours!) without charging extra fees.  Such dedication to students makes Clarence a gem among stones. 

We are still in the midst of digitising and uploading hundreds of testimonials by our

students and parents contributed over many many years of our service.  


Due to the sheer volume of our testimonials, the mobile version of our website will only feature a small fraction of the testimonials.  We apologise for this and hope to seek your understanding.

We also thank all the parents and students for the outpour of appreciation, gifts and heart-melting testimonials over the years. 


We truly cherish all of these, and will continue to touch the hearts and lives of students in many years to come.

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