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About Us

Graviton eCademy for Math and Science (G.e.M.S) is founded by PSC Overseas Scholar and award-winning MOE teacher,

Clarence Lee (创始人与优等私教,李泗丰先生).  

Learning and teaching is not only important

but a defining aspect of Clarence's life.

With a true dedication to sharing knowledge, Clarence's compassionate and unique approach never shies away from teaching the truth and always seeks to progressively challenge the minds of his students.


Every child is a gem waiting to be polished. 

At G.e.M.S, we believe in providing a unique educational experience that inspires aspirations, nurtures scholars 

and promises brilliance!

About Founder & Principal

Live to Teach, Teach to Live.

From a young age, Clarence was already on the path to being a professional academic. His ceaseless curiosity, dedication to hard work and desire to share knowledge paved the way for an impressive educational background and notable career in academia.  

In addition to many years of teaching experience, some of his other attributes and achievements are: 

  • Top Student in ACS(I), 1995-1998

  • Awarded first-tier Public Service Commission (PSC) overseas scholarship in 2001, after achieving outstanding 'A' level results (including Special Papers in Physics & Mathematics) in Raffles Junior College

  • First-Class Honours degree in Bachelor of Applied Sciences, University of Toronto (UofT), 2001-2005

  • Ranked amongst the top few in ECE Faculty, UofT; placed in Dean's List every academic year

  • Reviewed, formulated and implemented many major MOE policies as a Management Executive in a high-level MOE Planning unit, 2007-2009

  • Top JC teacher with Distinction in PGDE (JC), NIE, topping the cohort with highest GPA, 2009

Upon his exit from MOE service in 2013, Clarence comes highly recommended as a valuable asset to any education institute in a rare reference letter from a senior MOE Curriculum Specialist in CPDD, MOE. 


Clarence is a motivator, a mentor and an inspiration to many students.


Until today, many of his students still seek Clarence for guidance in their tertiary education and ask him to be their referees for scholarships and university applications - of which Clarence gladly assisted! From time to time, ex-students will drop in to greet and visit Clarence at the eCademy too. Such are the lifelong bonds & genuine friendships Clarence build with his students. 

About Founder
Why Join Us



Tailor-made Lessons for Students

Classes are tailored to cater to  students from different JCs. This aims to set our students in pace with their school tutorials/lectures to optimize learning and to improve exam performance. 


Doing well in Common Tests, Promotional and Prelim exams will help students build self-esteem and confidence.

Make every second count by attending only relevant lessons!




Learn From the Best & Most Passionate

Founder & Principal tutor, Clarence Lee, was accredited by NIE with the highest-GPA Distinction in Post-Graduate Diploma in Education in his teaching cohort. This is on top of his numerous academic accolades he has earned. 

But it's not just about having the best brains and pedagogical knowledge. We genuinely care for our students, are passionate in what we teach and constantly inspire them in their academic pursuits.  




Learning Beyond the Classroom

A learning opportunity, that 'Eureka' moment for a student can come anytime anywhere!


Our students have privileged access

to our tutors on mobile/Whatsapp

and enjoy after-class support & consultation 24/7.  

A little guidance when a student is stuck at a very tough problem is often much needed, encouraging, time-saving and enlightening. 




A Personal Coach for Every Student

Most students benefits from  personalized teaching provided by private home tutors. But be prepared to pay much higher fees. 

With class sizes no more than 8 at G.e.M.S, our students get to enjoy personalized coaching by our highly trained G.e.M.S tutors during lessons  --- at a fraction of private tuition fee! 


Do not expect any run-of-the-mill tutor to be able to diagnose learning needs of a student quickly even in a small-group setting! Go for quality at G.e.M.S.!



Student-Centered Notes & Lessons 

Increasingly, exams are steered towards assessment of understanding rather than regurgitation of routine answers, especially for Sciences and Mathematics  at 'A' levels. Rote learning and cockamamie drill & practices no longer prepare the diligent student well for the dynamism of exams. 

At G.e.M.S, students participate actively in constructing meaningful summary notes and contriving solutions to problems.  The most concise summaries and the most comprehensive notes are useless if students do not truly own and understand them! 



Educating the Next Generation

Prefer to learn from home or your favourite cafe?  G.e.M.S has the answer for you. 

We offer students a comprehensive and effective Online  Learning Programme (OLP). 

G.e.M.S' OLP is highly structured based on the exam syllabi and well-paced to help students stay ahead of school curriculum. 

Students attend online live lessons via an online platform that serves as a digital whiteboard. Lessons are interactive and students are able to clear doubts with tutors in real time.  

Get in touch with us to find out more about OLP! 

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About Us

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